Conversation in Ontologenesis

Interesting list !!

Though i have always thought that this kind of selective issues must be related with what i like to call “our own path” criteria. What is the path that lead us to read and to understand and love -or hate- some thinkers and authors? Which of them came to our path to solve and answer our most intimate concerns and questions? which of them were force to come to our path to enrich it or to change its direction? what about the authors which thought are not taking us to anywhere but sticking us into an affective black hole? Which of those thinkers are meant to be love as they give us the way to think things by ourselves, as they give us the tools to get to think life, instead of just simply wielding them with no share?

Are we aware enough of such concerns, questions and affections so to go and embrace their thought and their taught? Which authors are not giving it all into their system, which of them are not willing to be love and comprehended? what is that we are willing to respond of our experience in life that could connect us with such authors, with the systems of their particular thoughts, with the responses their work offer us, and that could make us disparage others, so to filter them from our path and to leave them alone on the oblivion of history? Who are we serving when we get close to a particular system of thought? Are we reading them because such authors are proclaimed as must-read, despite they would not bring anything to our philosophical sake, though we find nothing lovable in their work? Are we doing philosophy or just reproducing and reinforcing obsolete conceptualizations?

OK, anyway..Making such a list might be very problematic for someone whose approximation with authors is affectively stressed by all this kind of concerns. But responding and orienting affectively all this concerns its helpful to clear out the intimate relations that we might have with the thinkers that come in our way, and that would let us walk our path as we are integrating them into our system and experience. To my mind, that would be the primordial criteria to make my selection.

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Conversation in Planomenology

It just came to my mind the scene of the movie “Beautiful mind” where the character, supposedly a schizophrenic, is showing his girlfriend different active constellations they both manage to see despite they are not anchoring them into the astronomical and mythical references we all know. We can say that what makes the girl follow the affective calculations and see the traces of what he is spontaneously drawing, is the infatuation sentiment implied in their relation. Otherwise she would not see what he sees, she would not draw emotionally the same coordinates he is creating. It seems to me that the schizo line of the character is pointing out to a parallel between an inner space and an outer space that is connected as an affective route between them, a route that is mirroring openness through their presence. I guess we cannot give sense to a constellation if we don`t include the affects it implies.

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December 2, 2009 @ 6:05 pm
What is a Constellation?